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I am ready to serve the people of Afghanistan, particularly in order to restore peace. I will be ready to assume any duty at the service of my people.
— Ahmad Shah Massoud

Ahmad Shah Massoud was a prominent Afghan military and political leader. He played a crucial role in the resistance against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and later became a key figure in the fight against the Taliban.

Massoud was born on September 2, 1953, in the province of Panjshir, Afghanistan. Coming from a military family, he grew up with a strong sense of duty and love for his country. Massoud studied engineering at Kabul University, where he was politically active and became involved in the Muslim Youth, a Islamist student movement. In 1975, Massoud joined the resistance against the Soviet-backed government, which had come to power through a coup. His exceptional leadership skills and military prowess quickly became apparent, earning him respect and admiration among his comrades.

During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Massoud emerged as a key figure in the resistance. He led the Mujahideen forces in the Panjshir Valley, employing guerrilla warfare tactics and utilizing the difficult terrain to his advantage. Massoud's forces successfully repelled numerous Soviet offensives, inflicting heavy losses on the invading army.

Following the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, Afghanistan plunged into a civil war as rival factions vied for control. Massoud, known for his commitment to a democratic and inclusive Afghanistan, continued his resistance against the Taliban, who had gained significant ground. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Massoud's forces managed to maintain control over the Panjshir Valley, becoming a symbol of resistance and hope for the Afghan people. He actively sought international support for the Afghan resistance and warned the world about the growing threat of the Taliban, who harbored extremist ideologies.

On September 9, 2001 Massoud was assassinated by suicide bombers posing as journalists. His death was a devastating blow to the resistance and the Afghan people. However, his legacy as a courageous and visionary leader endured. In the aftermath of Massoud's death, the United States and its allies joined the fight against the Taliban regime. Massoud's resistance fighters formed crucial alliances with international forces, ultimately leading to the overthrow of the Taliban government in late 2001.

Battle vs. Che Guevara (by ReyesRebels)[]

The battle begins in a small, rocky mountain pass. Ahmad Shah Massoud and one of his guards, weilding an AKS-74 and the other weilding a pesh kabz and a stinger. Two of Ahmad's Guards stand on the top of the pass, looking out. As his 5th guard relives himself behind a rock, Che Guevara and 4 of his men come out of the tall grass, they sneak up behind the Mujahadeen fighter and slit his throat with a Bolo Knife.

Massoud: 1234

Guevara: 12345

The other two Mujahadeen spot Che's force and warn massoud. massoud and his guard run down the mountain path to the ammo storage cave. Guevara's men shoot at massoud's and massoud's two guards follow suit. Eventually, One of Massoud's men takes a bullet to the face from Che's SKS.

massoud: 123

Guevara: 12345

Massoud's other soldier fires back at Che who hides behind a rock. Che fires two bullets from His SKS, missing the Mujahadeen. The Mujahadeen then Fires 4 rounds into one of che's men.

Che: 1234


Che's men throw MK2s up the hill as Guevara seperates from the squad. While the grenades take down the Mujahadeen, the others go to investigate. He pulls the Pin on his RGD-5 and gets up, running down the hill. He grabs one of Guevara's men and blows himself up with him.

Massoud: 12

Guevara: 123

Massoud sees one of Che's men and takes him down. He orders his soldier to scout the outside of the cave. The soldier signals all clear, but one of Che's soldiers fires an RPG, blowing up the Mujahadeen.

Guevara: 12


Massoud fires a round at the soldier and misses. The soldier, not seeing where the bullet came from, enters the cave. massoud and the soldier engage in a firefight up until Massoud runs out of ammo, he runs at Che's soldier and takes a bullet, as he lays on the ground, facing the soldier, ready for death and he pulls the trigger, nothing comes out. Massoud pushes the gun out of the way, knees the soldier, uppercuts him, then throws him off the clifface.

Guevara: 1

Massoud: 1

Massoud takes his dead comrade's Pesh kabz and looks for Guevara, Guevara tries to attract massoud's attention by firing his last SKS round into the sky. massoud follows its source finding Guevara who fires 3 Skorpion rounds before running. Massoud, unfazed runs after him, picking up a comrade's Makarov. Guevara turns around and takes two of massoud's bullets before massoud walks up to him and stabs him in the throat, killing him.


Massoud: 1

Massoud, in his moment of victory, shouts: Allah-Hu-Akbar!

Winner: Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Expert's Opinion[]

Ahmed Shah Massoud won due to his dominating melee, long range, and explosive weaponry. The AKS-74U destroyed the SKS since it primarily had a larger rate of fire. Add in Che's poorer physical health due to his asthma and Massoud had his victory in the bag.

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