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Butcher them now, show no mercy!
— Waraabe

The Africa Militia are a group of two factions, merged together, that operated in the titular continent. Merged from the PRF and a group of Somali triggermen, under the lead of Waraabe, the militia managed to terrorize parts of Africa, spreading their brutality to other regions. Their origin is unknown, but they come from either Sierra Leone, or Somalia.

Judging from some conversations between the Militia men, the Militia have committed genocide over several African countries. Such examples are dousing civilians with gasoline then setting them on fire, and shooting civilians in the head inside the remains of a burnt-out hut. They faced Task Force 141 during their mission to track and kill Vladimir Makarov, and Waraabe is revealed to have worked alongside Makarov in delivering chemical weapons to Europe, with his militia helping, as well. Their fate after Waraabe's death is unknown.

Battle vs. White Masks (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The White Masks snatched quite an easy victory here due to their status as an international threat compared to the Africa Militia being a regional threat. They're far more organized and tactical while their opponents were far more brutish and unorganized. The White Masks may had sacrificed some of their own men to ineffectively deal damage to the Militia's ranks via suicide bombers, but their superior training and weapons gave them victory in this battle.

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