I... um... I guess you could say I was made to fall in love with him
— Eve
The moment you uttered those words, you became my foe. Father or brother, anyone that dares insult her is my enemy.
— Adam

Eve is the original woman. Holding a grudge against God, she is one of the conspirators behind the Divine Calamity. Orchestrating events so that first God and then the angels were driven mad, she resides in Pandora, part of the remnants of Purgatory, awaiting the world's end. A wrench is thrown into her plans, however, when the angels unite to create a new Adam. She becomes his wife again, as that is her role as commanded by God. She assists him in retaking the reshaped Purgatory, now known as Tokyo Babel, and reach Heaven, seeking to pit him against God to finally put the multiverse out of her misery.

Adam is a copy of the original man, made by the surviving angels from God's blueprints. With a few aesthetic modifications so that Lilith didn't try to kill him on sight. He was made with the intention of reclaiming the remnants of Purgatory and reaching Heaven, where he would throw himself upon God's mercy and beg His forgiveness for the sins of the angels, demons, and humanity. He bears a personal resentment towards Setsuna Tendou, born of their similarities.

In the Sorami route, she and Adam reach their goal with the help of Setsuna Tendou and Raziel, and unite their abilities to wound God, who is then finished off by Metatron, one of Eve's co-conspirators. After Metatron dies, Remiel reveals Eve's schemes, fully expecting Adam to spurn her for it. The man instead accepts it, and strives to fulfill her wish of multiversal destruction. The pair fail, with Setsuna killing Adam, and Eve commits suicide shortly thereafter.

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